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Stand to attention for the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of military history The Military History Book chronicles the changing technology and tactics of war from 5,000 years ago to the present day in stunning visual detail. Bringing military history to life like never before, find out all about the battles, leaders and weapons of war that have changed the course of history and shaped the world.From the siege towers and catapults of ancient times to Samurai armour, Russian Kalashnikovs and right up to the unmanned drones and stealth bombers used by today's armed forces, the evolution of battlefield technology is showcased in amazing detail. Plus, get up close with virtual tours of iconic pieces including the T-34 Tank, the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Bomber and the AH-64 Apache helicopter.The Military History Book is the perfect gift for military enthusiasts of all ages.

If you can't find what you want from the menu on the left or the options below click here to email us This Pulitzer-Prize winning book is a masterpiece of military history. Delivering an account of the first month of World War I in 1914, Tuchman tells not just a war story, but an event that would upend the modern world. The casual military history enthusiast will enjoy picking at a book with a bit of information on lots of topics.

But for readers accustomed to academic writing this book will seem … odd. There are no footnotes -- just brief source references at the end of each chapter.