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Tucker,Anne Wilkes
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As a woman and an artist, Sylvie Blum offers a unique perspective on the female form. As an ex-model, she understands how important the subject is to the creative process. Steeped in photographic tradition, Sylvie Blum has worked with such iconic artists as Helmut Newton, Andreas H. Bitesnich, and Gunter Blum. With exacting attention to lighting she bathes the studio in a gentle glow. Her technique and composition are remarkable, yet her endearing and fun-filled personality sets her subjects at ease. Blum brings not just perfection but passion to her work. Each impeccable image transcends sculptured form to convey the true essence of a beautiful (and confident) woman.

A sua recomendação foi enviada com sucesso! "Todo aquele que conseguir a alegria deve partilhá-la.", Lord Byron. Lamentamos mas ocorreu um erro a obter a informação. Press Release - For Immediate Release Contact: Celeste Jovanovich March 15, 2012 SYLVIE BLUM Naked Beauty April 26th through June 2nd, 2012 Reception for the Artist: Thursday, April 26th The Fahey/Klein Gallery is pleased to present the debut Los Angeles exhibition of contemporary photographer, Sylvie Blum.

In 2011 her book "Naked Beauty" was published by teNeues and distributed worldwide. Her show Naked Beauty opened in May 2012 together with iconic photographer Herb Ritts at the Fahey Klein Gallery Los Angeles.