21 Days To The Perfect Dog

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Simple, structured and effective, this 21-day course will prevent problem behaviour and, over subsequent days, encourage positive interaction, so that your dog continues to behave well. Exercises are given for each day in the training plan, with reinforcement of the previous day's learning scheduled in, as well as time for relaxation and play with your dog.The first section helps you to assess your key concerns so that you can tailor the programme to fit your needs, while a 'quick fix' section after the main training plan providing you with 50 speedy solutions to common problems, such as damaging furniture or unsociable behaviour towards strangers.

This project has been a personal goal of Sarah's for some time, as she has such strong feelings for providing not just the best training for new puppies, but also for older dogs and rescues. Days 19, 20, 21: Come Also known to dog handlers as the recall, this is the final exercise in our 21-Day Basic Obedience Course. Most dog owners find that their dogs come pretty reliably without any training at all.

Afterwards, a walk at the reservoir so she can roll around in as much mud and poop as she likes, have a swim and play some retrieving games in the water with her dummy. In order to maximize the odds of conception with properly timed breeding in dogs, it is best to pin-point, as closely as possible, the day of ovulation for the female dog—more commonly referred to as a bitch, which is the correct terminology. Begin testing by Day 8 for dogs with 14- to 16-day cycles. Start later for bitches that stay in heat a full 21 days or longer.