The Whole Story And Other Stories

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An LGBTQ+ journal for everyone - by writer, illustrator and utterly fabulous merman, Dom&Ink.Celebrate Pride and celebrate YOU with this rainbow coloured journal, packed with drag queens, activities, advice and the world's sassiest LGBTQ+ dinosaur: Brett the Sassysaurus!- Colour, design and glitter to your heart's content- Read quotes from real-life rainbow icons- Find out how to throw your own Pride Party- Learn about the history of gay rightsMost importantly: celebrate being yourself and what makes YOU amazing!Warm, hilarious, caring and insightful, Free To Be Me will fill every reader with self-esteem, confidence, colour and pride.

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Like "I lie on the floor with my head on my books and my feet up on more of my books and stare up at the ceiling with its flystuck old electric fitting and at this point in the story even the ceiling is glorious." ― Ali Smith, The Whole Story and Other Stories. But reading The Whole Story and Other Stories, you get a clear sense of why Smith might be frustrated with work that doesn't take risks, or with too many stories that know only their own existence. Her own writing is constantly exploring, constantly finding new things to say and ways to say it. Of The Whole Story and Other Stories You see, this focus on pieces and parts all began around the 1930s, when a movement called The New Criticism started up in America.