The Jamie Drake Equation

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From the author of The Many Worlds of Albie Bright comes another cutting-edge cosmic space adventure for anyone who's ever looked up at the stars and wondered about the universe. An exploration of the constellations, an appreciation of the courage of astronauts, and a loving father-son story. Perfect for fans of Scott Kelly's Astrotwins series. How amazing would it be to have a dad who's an astronaut? To see him go on rocket launches, live in zero gravity, and fly through space like a superhero? Jamie Drake knows. His dad is orbiting Earth in the International Space Station. Jamie thinks it's cool, and he's proud of his dad, but he also really misses him. Hanging out at the local observatory one day, Jamie is surprised when he picks up a strange signal on his phone. Could it be aliens? Are they closer to our planet than anyone realizes? With his dad in space, Jamie feels he has no choice but to investigate on his own. But when something goes wrong with his dad's mission, Jamie is reminded that space is a dangerous place. He decides it's time to prove that he's a hero too.

He accidentally downloads the alien message on his phone. Stars: ***** I've read a couple of Christopher's others books and had high hopes for The Jamie Drake Equation because of this; it didn't disappoint! It follows the life of Jamie Drake, who's father is an astronaut with an important mission on the ISS to find extraterrestrial communication. He misses his Dad - even though… About The Jamie Drake Equation.

All resources and slides included. Opportunities to explore the text, learn and practise grammar features, and write descriptively using senses, diary writing and interview writing.