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Scrivener,Jim Tennant,A.
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Straightforward has been revamped in a second edition, with much of the content updated and made more relevant to our ever-changing world. New topics, articles and exercises appear within a fresh new design.All the old teachers' favourites are still there - meaning it will still be a joy to teach with. Each unit is structured to provide one lesson per double-page spread (A/B/C/D), lasting around 90 minutes. All lessons are interlinked to promote better and more memorable learning, with the flexibility to pick out key sections to focus on certain language points. All language is clearly signposted and scaffolded so there is great clarity of progression of learning - students can really feel they are getting somewhere.There are extra communication pages and unit reviews, plus new videos, online material and photocopiables to extend and add to a lesson. The CEFR plays a prominent part in the second edition with clear signposting, self-assessment opportunities and the invaluable portfolio. The Teacher's Book and supporting website have tips, photocopiables and information.

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