Tales Of Mystery And Imagination ( Obw Lib 3 ) - 3ª Ed.

Tales Of Mystery And Imagination ( Obw Lib 3 ) - 3ª Ed. - Poe,Edgar Allan | Nisrs.org PDF, TXT, FB2. ePUB. MOBI. O livro foi escrito em 2021. Procure um livro sobre nisrs.org.


Poe,Edgar Allan
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Tales Of Mystery And Imagination ( Obw Lib 3 ) - 3ª Ed..pdf


The human mind is a dark, bottomless pit, and sometimes it works in strange and frightening ways. That sound in the night is it a door banging in the wind, or a murdered man knocking inside his coffin? The face in the mirror is it yours, or the face of someone standing behind you, who is never there when you turn round?

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Like "Un esprit tourné à la folie pouvait bien se laisser entraîner par de pareilles suggestions, surtout quand elles s'accordaient avec ses idées favorites préconçues" ― Edgar Allan Poe, Histoires extraordinaires. " Tales of Mystery and Imagination es un blog sin ánimo de lucro cuyo único fin consiste en rendir justo homenaje a los escritores de terror, ciencia-ficción y fantasía del mundo. Los derechos de los textos que aquí aparecen pertenecen a cada autor.