Plant Biochemistry

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Heldt,Hans-Walter Piechulla, Birgit
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The fully revised and expanded fourth edition of Plant Biochemistry presents the latest science on the molecular mechanisms of plant life. The book not only covers the basic principles of plant biology, such as photosynthesis, primary and secondary metabolism, the function of phytohormones, plant genetics, and plant biotechnology, but it also addresses the various commercial applications of plant biochemistry. Plant biochemistry is not only an important field of basic science explaining the molecular function of a plant, but is also an applied science that is in the position to contribute to the solution of agricultural and pharmaceutical problems. Plants are the source of important industrial raw material such as fat and starch but they are also the basis for the production of pharmaceutics. It is expected that in the future, gene technology will lead to the extensive use of plants as a means of producing sustainable raw material for industrial purposes. As such, the techniques and use of genetic engineering to improve crop plants and to provide sustainable raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are described in this edition. The latest research findings have been included, and areas of future research are identified. Offers the latest research findings in a concise and understandable manner. Presents plant metabolism in the context of the structure and the function of plants. Includes more than 300 two-color diagrams and metabolic schemes. Covers the various commercial applications of plant biochemistry. Provides extensive references to the recent scientific literature.

Biochemistry is the chemistry of living beings. This course concentrates on the biochemistry of plants.Learn Plant Biochemistry with outstanding experienced tutors. Biochemistry › Planta Medica ...

Learn about the composition and function of plants. Biochemistry is the chemistry of living beings.