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About Us

What is Second Chance?

A house which provides a safe, home-like living environment,  free of alcohol and illicit drugs, that provides essential services to men from the age of 19 and over.

Our Approach

Personal involvement is promoted in goal-planning and action strategies to deal with the ongoing problems of addiction.  We work with clients  to address aftercare issues such as employment,  housing, medical concerns, and relationship building.

Who runs our House?

The North Island Supportive Recovery Society has operated Second Chance since 1990.  We are a not-for-profit society dedicated to what we believe to be a fresh approach in creating an environment in which to recover from substance misuse.  The society is made up of  a dedicated volunteer board of directors.

Our Funders

  • Bingo and Direct Access Gaming Funds

  • Ministry of Housing and Social Development

  • Regional District of Strathcona

  • United Way

  • Vancouver Island Health Authority


    A special thank you to all the individuals, businesses and organizations who support us!



because everyone deserves a second chance.......